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РОССИЯ : МОСКВА / 19 Июнь [ 20:34 ] / Действительно: -246 дн. / [ изменить ]

General professional New York

The part of General building New York is actually to transmit to the client the entire establishment as a whole, and also not such as individually performed job. Of specific importance is the function of the overall specialist during the large-scale construction of apartment house of property type, commercial complexes, commercial amenities.

hospitality interior;
Industrial structures.

Today, the checklist of development companies consists of a variety of company interior decoration. An financier and also a customer can easily invest a great deal of time-solving on all company issues. A more logical option is to leave this part to General construction NY.

Цена: 55794
Телефон: 82119782946
e-mail: contractor@labedroom.com
ICQ: 112462553

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